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My Favorite Things

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HERE’S THE BIG NEWS: For the last nine years I've done a "My Favorite Things" list between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In celebration of the release of my first book, Runaway River, we are doing my entire favorites list of 2020 as a GIGANTIC GIVEAWAY


Over $600 of my favorite things.

HOW DO YOU WIN? Watch for my daily "favorite things 2020" post. Then, on Fridays, SHARE my WEEKLY SUMMARY POST of favorite things FROM MY AUTHOR PAGE onto your own FB page and say "I Shared it" in the comments on my author page. That's all you have to do!


Every "share" receives 1 place on the winner's wheel. If you share every Friday post, you will get 4 chances to win on the wheel. There are also a few smaller prizes, and, of course, every prize includes a copy of Runaway River! Contest ends Dec. 11th. Just in time to get it all to you by Christmas.


I am so excited for this giveaway. I know you will love watching and participating... and maybe WINNING! 


Small print. US residents only. Maximum of 4 entries per person.

#1 Faux Fur Blanket
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