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RUNAWAY RIVER (available October 6)

BETH YATES loses everything and determines to never trust anyone…. ever again. Especially a man. With nothing left and ruination looming, she runs. Like she always does. She travels west to Montana's Bitterroot Valley where she hopes a better life awaits her and her family.


Ethan Dawson is bound and determined to get his ranch off the ground. Sooner rather than later. Nothing and no one is going to get in his way this time. Especially a woman. Couldn’t talk sense to a woman, even if he tried, until Beth Yates comes to town. When trouble finds her in Hamilton, Montana, Beth must decide: Face her fears or run… again.


Actual Cover coming soon

Coming soon


SADIE MCCANNEN’s world has collapsed. Her husband, Josiah, would never come home again. A Montana copper mine caved in, claiming his life and more. Now her world was caving in too. No one could protect her now. Not from the gossip, the men...or herself. People knew who she was—what she was. Like a portrait on a bare wall, her life of prostitution hung in her mind. God had saved her from that life once as did her husband, but Sadie believed no one would ever be able to erase the shameful memories. Not even God.

Pregnant and alone with the threat of unwanted attention from the local men, Sadie swallows her pride and heads back to Hamilton, Montana. Back to the only home she knew before Josiah married her. Friends, closer than family, lived there. But heading home also meant she’d have to face the bitter memories of her past... and Michael Yates.


Actual Cover coming soon

Coming soon


MAGGIE YATES decides she's a city girl...

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